meth2Methamphetamines are synthetic amphetamines or stimulants that are produced and sold illegally in pill form, capsules, powder, and chunks. Two such Methamphetamines are crank and ice.

Crank refers to any form of methamphetamine. Ice is a crystallized smokeable chunk form of methamphetarnine that produces a more intense reaction than cocaine or speed. Ice has an appearance that is clear and crystal-like, and resembles frozen ice water.

Methamphetamines stimulate the central nervous system, and the effects may last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

Crank and ice are extremely addictive and produce a severe craving for the drug.


  • increased alertness
  • sense of well-being
  • paranoia
  • intense high
  • hallucinations
  • aggressive behavior
  • increased heart rate
  • convulsions
  • extreme rise in body temperature (as high as 108      degrees which can cause brain damage and death)
  • uncontrollable movements (twitching, jerking, etc…)
  • violent behavior
  • insomnia
  • impaired speech
  • dry, itchy skin
  • loss of appetite
  • acne, sores
  • numbness


  • disturbed sleep
  • excessive excitation
  • excessive talking
  • panic
  • anxiousness
  • nervousness
  • moodiness and irritability
  • false sense of confidence and power
  • delusions of grandeur leading to aggressive behavior
  • uninterested in friends, sex, or food
  • aggressive and violent behavior
  • severe depression


  • fatal kidney and lung disorders
  • possible brain damage
  • depression
  • hallucinations
  • disorganized lifestyle
  • permanent psychological problems
  • violent and aggressive behavior
  • weight loss
  • insomnia
  • behavior resembling paranoid schizophrenia
  • decreased social life
  • malnutrition
  • poor coping abilities
  • disturbance of personality development
  • lowered resistance to illnesses
  • liver damage
  • stroke
  • death

Methamphetamines cause a severe crash after the effects wear off. The crash, or low feeling is more intense and longer lasting than both speed and cocaine.

The effects are not only long lasting, but continue to cause damage to the user long after use has stopped.

Methamphetamine abuse can also lead to legal, financial, and social problems.

Addiction to methamphetamine can be very strong, therefore withdrawal symptoms are likely when use of the drug is discontinued.


  • severe craving
  • insomnia
  • restlessness
  • mental confusion
  • depression

Although a person addicted to crank or ice may experience withdrawal symptoms for a short time, the benefits to a person who stops using the drug greatly outweigh an addiction to methamphetamines. These benefits include a longer, healthier life and greater enjoyment of everyday activities.


  • car crashes
  • crimes
  • fires due to explosions from the illegal manufacture of      methamphetamines
  • hazardous waste


If methamphetamines are used during pregnancy, babies tend to be:

  • asocial
  • incapable of bonding
  • have tremors
  • have birth defects
  • cry for 24 hours without stopping

There is also an increased risk of child abuse and neglect of children born to parents who use methamphetamines.